Jeff Apodaca for Governor is honored to have these endorsements

Anselmo “Chemo” Valerio Tweet

He wants to bring us all together to bring jobs, to also invest in education and other problems that we’ve been using band aids to fix. He has a solid plan. He wants to invest in business. He wants to invest in job opportunities.

Peter MacDonald, former Chairman of the Navajo Nation and decorated WWII Veteran Code Talker Tweet

We need someone is going to listen to us. He is not a politician. He is a person who cares and he is very sincere about changing the things that need to be changed in New Mexico.

Lovie McGee, Community Activist Tweet

I know Jeff will bring change to this state both economically and in education. I’m a father of three daughters and our teachers have faced a lot of adversity especially in the last eight years. I ask you to vote for Jeff Apodaca.

Delano Garcia, former State Representative Tweet

Jeff Apodaca will play a part in making sure not only our voices are heard, but we are brought to the table.

Blair Dixon, Community Activist Tweet

Jeff Apodaca is the leader I think should be our next governor...He has a plan as a successful businessman to try to solve all of these problems. And in addition to having a plan, he’s the kind of leader who does not work to divide people, but to bring us together.

Sam Donaldson, former ABC News anchor Tweet

Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa

New Mexico deserves leaders who are committed to service — which is why I wanted to reach out to you about my dear friend, Jeff Apodaca. I am so grateful for Jeff’s dedication to children… Read the endorsement “Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa”

Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa, Chief Religious Minister Sikh Dharma International

Guadalupe Cano

As an alumnae of Emerge NM, a training program to increase the number of Democratic women in office, I know how important it is to have a candidate with real answers and a solid plan… Read the endorsement “Guadalupe Cano”

Guadalupe Cano, Councilor, District 4, Town of Silver City

Sheriff Marco V. Lucero

As the Sheriff of Los Alamos County, I would like to express my strong support of Jeff Apodaca in his bid to be the next Governor of New Mexico. I grew up with Jeff and… Read the endorsement “Sheriff Marco V. Lucero”

Marco V. Lucero, Sheriff of Los Alamos County

LaDonna Harris

I am a member of the Comanche Nation and the President of Americans for Indian Opportunity. I was also an honorary co-chair and a speaker at the Women’s March on Washington D.C. That is why… Read the endorsement “LaDonna Harris”

LaDonna Harris, President of Americans for Indian Opportunity

Mary Molina Mescall

My name is Mary Molina Mescall and I am proud to endorse Jeff Apodaca for Governor of New Mexico. I support Jeff for many reasons, but my focus is on Jeff’s support for women and… Read the endorsement “Mary Molina Mescall”

Mary Molina Mescall

Lilly Ledbetter

I am honored to endorse Jeff Apodaca for Governor of New Mexico because he is the only candidate talking about pay equity for New Mexico women and reinstating the New Mexico Commission on the Status… Read the endorsement “Lilly Ledbetter”

Lilly Ledbetter, advocate for women’s equality and inspiration for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009

Frances Ray

As a past president of the Democratic Women of Bernalillo County, I understand the need to have someone in office who isn’t afraid to invest in women by closing the gender pay gap and fighting… Read the endorsement “Frances Ray”

Frances Ray, former President, Democratic Women of Bernalillo County

Alfredo Vigil, M.D.

There are many reasons for this sad state of affairs, but it is obvious to all that the lack of effective leadership is the main factor. Difficult problems require sound, effective solutions generated by wise… Read the endorsement “Alfredo Vigil, M.D.”

Alfredo Vigil, M.D., former Cabinet Secretary New Mexico Department of Health

The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP)

We are proud to endorse Jeff Apodaca who is running for Governor of New Mexico. Jeff is an exemplary candidate. His platform includes the need for education reform in NM, creating clean energy, and family/medical… Read the endorsement “The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP)”

John Owens, The Party of Reason and Progress (PORP)

Sam Donaldson

Jeff Apodaca is the leader I think should be our next governor. We’re last among the states in education, we’re last in overall health care, we’re last in meaningful job creation. We’re first in violent… Read the endorsement “Sam Donaldson”

Sam Donaldson, former ABC News anchor and White House correspondent

Endorse Jeff Apodaca for Governor

Endorse Jeff Apodaca

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