Single payer healthcare through the New Mexico Health Securities Act

Investment of our permanent funds in education and infrastructure

We Support

A $15 minimum wage

Legalization of cannabis for adult use and the expansion of our medical cannabis program

Leading the county in renewable and clean energy, with our state receiving 100% of our energy from renewables in 8-10 years

The formation of a State Bank

I’m running for governor to turn New Mexico around. We need major change for our state.

- Jeff Apodaca

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Speaker in front of audience
Jeff Apodaca speaking about his plan to Turn New Mexico Around

We need major changes to our schools

Ready to Turn New Mexico Around?

Pathways to well-paying jobs. Apodaca will implement educational paths for New Mexicans from 0-20 years of age to provide more access to higher-wage jobs for workers and foster a better trained workforce to attract and keep businesses in New Mexico.

  • Invest in qualitative education programs.
  • Reallocate 8% of PED and State administration funding back into the classroom from the community up, not from the top down.
  • Reduce class sizes: smaller classrooms promote better learning for our kids.
  • Invest additional funding from the State Permanent Land Grant fund into early childhood programs from 0-4 years of age through CYFD and PED collaboration.
  • Provide early family intervention through community programs to support and empower our young families to provide them with the tools for early child development.
  • Provide students a hand up with in-home educational reading and math programs for 0-4 years of age with existing models that have proven outcomes.
  • Make year-round Preschool the standard expectation for all NM kids from 3-4 years of age

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Meet Jeff

A native New Mexican, Jeff Apodaca is running for Governor of New Mexico to turn around the state from years of mismanagement.  Jeff will bring major changes to New Mexico.

Jeff grew up in Santa Fe and Las Cruces and is the son of former New Mexico Governor Jerry Apodaca and former First Lady Clara Apodaca. A cancer survivor, Jeff founded the Jeff Apodaca Celebration of Life Fund, benefiting cancer survivors and opening the Jeff Apodaca Multi-Media Center at UNM Children’s Hospital to ensure that child patients have access to important technology for learning and entertainment while receiving treatment.

A former media executive and current entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience innovating, expanding, and creating businesses, Jeff began his career in Albuquerque at KOB-TV. Jeff has held senior positions at Univision Corp, Tribune Broadcasting, AOL and the CBS Television Network in New York and Los Angeles before returning to New Mexico with his family to run Univision stations and digital property in the mountain states.

An active member of our community, Apodaca sits on the board of Innovate ABQ, Albuquerque Economic Forum, and formerly served on the Albuquerque Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, American Cancer Society & United Way Projects.

Jeff married the love of his life, Jackie Moss Apodaca, in 2002. A native New Mexican from Albuquerque, Jackie earned her MBA from New Mexico State University and worked for the Learning Company and Disney Corporation before returning to New Mexico as a community leader and full time mother.

Today, Apodaca makes his home in Albuquerque with his wife Jackie Moss Apodaca and their twin boys Asher & Gage.

Jeff Apodaca and his family
Jeff Apodaca meeting with constituents
Parade for Jeff Apodaca, who is running for governor of New Mexico 2018
Jeff Apodaca, New Mexico Governor 2018
Jeff Apodaca

We need to bring major change to New Mexico

did you know?


New Mexico sits on $23 billion dollars in “rainy day” funds

Jeff will invest 5% of our money (a billion dollars) back into our state's economy to create jobs, improve our schools, and ensure everyone has access to affordable health care.


NM is 50th in Job Creation, 50th in Education, & Violent Crime is Rising.

Career politicians have failed us. We need real change in New Mexico. Jeff has a plan to turn our state around.


Together, we can create 225,000 new jobs.

Read Jeff’s Turn Around New Mexico Plan and see for yourself how Jeff plans to grow our economy and create family-supporting jobs

New Mexico Elections - Running for Governor 2018

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